The effect of a psycho educational program for mothers of educable mentally retarded children: Based on Roy‘s adaptation theory


This study conduct to assess the effectiveness of an educational Program based on Roy‘s adaptation theory for mothers of educable mentally retard children. The present study is quasiexperimental with single group pretest and posttest design. The sample includes 40 mothers with Educable mentally retarded children. A cognitive-behavioral program based on Roy‘s adaptation theory was hold. The program consisted of four weekly group sessions for two hours. Comparison four adaptation modes scores at pretest and post test showed significant differences in all modes of * Corresponding author. Tel.: +98-913-216-0360; fax: +98-216-690-4252. E-mail address: Taghavi Larijani / The EJSBS 232 adaptation (P<0.001). The findings have identified that psycho educational program can effect on adaptation level in mothers of intellectual disabled children. © 2013 Published by C-crcs. Peer-review under responsibility of Editor or Guest Editor of the EJSBS.


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